How did the Mini Stool came to be?

The idea for the technician’s Mini Stool was born after a visit to the United States in  summer 2008.  My brother Jacob working as a technician of the subway ticket machines in New York.

Jacob complained how hard it is for him to stand on his feet all day long and break his back each time he leans down to reach the lowest parts of the machines.

When I tried to find him a compact stool to solve the problem I realized I can’t find a product which provides a real solution: a low, folding and compact, durable easy to carry chair.

This is how the idea of manufacturing a “wonder chair” which you could fit into your tool bag and carry with you everywhere first came to me.

My name is Yosef Zaifman, the owner of "Safrut", active in the machining of plastic injection moulds field since 1996.

The machining field requires much knowledge and precision – the plastic is injected in liquid form into a metal mould, fills the spaces and thus comes to its final shape; each flaw in the mould affects the quality of the final product.

I have put the vast knowledge I have accumulated over my many years in the industrial field into creating a smart stool manufactured through advanced technology from top quality raw materials.

This is how the Mini Stool came to be.

The first person to try the small chair was of course my brother in New York, who gets up for work much happier now since the stool entered into his life.

The prototype sent to New York

Subsequently, inertial thinking in finding the optimal solution led to the creation of Mini-Max.

Safrut  2008